Connecting Systems: APIs, Protocols, Observability

When working with complex, distributed systems, the art of "connecting" is not a one-time feat but an ongoing journey. That journey covers everything from the essential role of APIs and protocols as the building blocks of connectivity, to the necessity of observability for understanding how a system behaves.

This track features a diverse array of perspectives and stories from experts that have built, maintained, and evolved the connections that weave together to become the fabric of distributed systems. As systems become more complex, we'll provide critical knowledge to help you master the art of connecting systems.

From this track


Sidecar-Less or Sidecars for Your Applications in Istio Service Mesh?

Sidecar-less functionality has emerged as an alternative approach in service mesh architectures, addressing concerns related to costs and complexity associated with sidecars.

Speaker image - Lin Sun
Lin Sun

Open Source, Istio TOC Member, CNCF TAG Network Cochair & Ambassador


Are You Done Yet? Mastering Long-Running Processes in Modern Architectures

Navigating the challenges of long-running processes is an important skill to survive modern architecture. The complexities arise from the growing distribution of systems and the need to address issues related to remote communication and the unavailability of peers.

Speaker image - Bernd Ruecker
Bernd Ruecker

Co-Founder and Chief Technologist @Camunda


gRPC Migration Automation at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is in the process of migrating from, an internally developed open source framework for building RESTful APIs to gRPC for better framework capabilities, runtime efficiency, and developer productivity.

Speaker image - Karthik Ramgopal
Karthik Ramgopal

Distinguished Engineer @LinkedIn

Speaker image - Min Chen
Min Chen

Principal Staff Software Engineer @LinkedIn


Operable Software

More details coming soon. 

Speaker image - Martin Thwaites
Martin Thwaites

Principal Developer Advocate @Honeycomb


Transitioning Healthcare Integration to a Cloud-Native Architecture

More details coming soon. 

Speaker image - Leander Vanderbijl
Leander Vanderbijl

Senior Software Engineer @Livi


Tuesday Apr 9 / 10:35AM BST


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Track Host

Thomas Betts

Laureate Application Architect @Blackbaud, Lead Editor for Architecture & Design @InfoQ

Thomas Betts is the Lead Editor for Architecture and Design at InfoQ, a co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, and a Laureate Software Architect at Blackbaud. For over two decades, his focus has always been on providing software solutions that delight his customers. He has worked in a variety of industries, including social good, retail, finance, health care, defense and travel. Thomas lives in Denver with his wife and son, and they love hiking and otherwise exploring beautiful Colorado.

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