Paving the Road: Enhancing Developer Productivity and Experience

Engineering enablement teams in organizations can start with building tools to do jobs that help developers across the organization and shine when there are dedicated teams making engineering communities effective with a range of tools, processes and guides. This can have an impact on productivity and happiness, profits and retention. More organizations are moving to a model where engineering enablement teams provide the path of least resistance to solve non-differentiating tasks across the organization rather than having a mandate that they work on. This makes user centricity critical for engineering enablement teams and it includes the process for product development, the culture that governs the internal activity of these teams, and how teams are structured.

We will hear from some companies that are investing not just in enabling tools but treating their engineering enablement teams like product teams with user centricity at the heart of how they operate


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Session Teamwork

5 Principles for Enablement with (Almost) Nothing to do with Building Tools

Wednesday Mar 29 / 10:35AM BST

Engineering Enablement teams have big dreams to support developers across their organization by smoothing sharp edges to help teams achieve speed and stability within the services they provide.

Speaker image - Steph Egan
Steph Egan

Principal Software Engineer @BBC

Session platforms

Available, Affordable, Attractive: Enabling Platform Adoption

Wednesday Mar 29 / 11:50AM BST

This talk is focusing on the problem of adoption: what we at SuperAwesome have tried so far, what worked well, what did not work and what we did to overcome those challenges.

Speaker image - Olga Sermon
Olga Sermon

Senior Engineering Manager @Superawesome

Session platforms

How to Apply a Product Mindset to Your Platform Team Tomorrow

Wednesday Mar 29 / 01:40PM BST

In this talk, we'll explore the benefits and challenges of how organizations can make the shift from a traditional infrastructure team to 'platform as a product'. We'll focus on how to use a product mindset to your platform team with simple tips, even when you don't have a product manag

Speaker image - Jelmer Borst
Jelmer Borst

PM Platform Products @Picnic Technologies

Session graphql

Go Far, Go Together - Growing the Netflix Federated Graph

Wednesday Mar 29 / 02:55PM BST

Around 2019, Netflix started experimenting with a federated GraphQL architecture to build a unified GraphQL API. This was a major undertaking involving several teams. To facilitate adoption, we invested heavily in good developer experience and education.

Speaker image - Kavitha Srinivasan
Kavitha Srinivasan

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

Session platforms

Using Customer Obsession to Drive Platform Adoption

Wednesday Mar 29 / 04:10PM BST

Investing in Platform teams is a natural pitstop that organizations need to take as they scale. However, to realise the value of investing in Platform teams often take a large amount of time. 

Speaker image - Varun Achar
Varun Achar

Director of Engineering @Razorpay


Wednesday Mar 29 / 10:35AM BST


Track Host

Nayana Shetty

Principal Engineer @LEGO_Group

Nayana Shetty is a Principal Engineer at The LEGO Group working on strategic initiatives in Ecommerce, Marketing and Channels Technology and facilitating collaboration across the organization so that the right people are engaged in the architecture discussions and decision making. 

Prior to The LEGO Group, she has led teams building products and tools that help organizations with site reliability and getting on the devops journey. Starting her career as a Quality Engineer she is passionate about building quality into products from the start rather than an afterthought and creating a culture of quality using devops practices within teams.

In her free time, she loves arts and crafts, Indian classical dance and Reality TV shows. She grew up in India and is currently based in London, UK

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