Paving the Road: Enhancing Developer Productivity and Experience

We've found that autonomous, empowered, cross-functional teams can deliver value quickly. But they can't be completely autonomous, there are always areas where you need expertise from other teams who build and support you through a developer platform.

These teams are important in providing a great developer experience for product teams, speeding them up. They have to find the balance between supporting autonomy and benefiting from standardisation. That's where paving the road comes in: providing an easy path for most, and ways to go off road for the teams that need to do that.

This track features real life case studies from people investing in developer enablement, platform engineering and paving the road.


Wednesday Mar 29 / 10:00AM PDT



QCon London 2023
March 27 - 29, 2023


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Track Host

Nayana Shetty

Principal Engineer @LEGO_Group

Nayana Shetty is a Principal Engineer at The LEGO Group working on strategic initiatives in Ecommerce, Marketing and Channels Technology and facilitating collaboration across the organization so that the right people are engaged in the architecture discussions and decision making. 

Prior to The LEGO Group, she has led teams building products and tools that help organizations with site reliability and getting on the devops journey. Starting her career as a Quality Engineer she is passionate about building quality into products from the start rather than an afterthought and creating a culture of quality using devops practices within teams.

In her free time, she loves arts and crafts, Indian classical dance and Reality TV shows. She grew up in India and is currently based in London, UK

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