Video schedule
Over the course of the next 6 months, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the presentations you attended or the ones you missed due to conflicting presentations. Videos of the presentations will be posted on Enterprise Software Development Community. Below you can find the publication calendar:
Week Session Presenter
18 APR
  1. Scaling Lean & Agile: Large, Multisite or Offshore Delivery
  2. Java's Youthful Maturity
  3. HTML 5 Design/Development Tooling (+ HTML and Flash)
  • Craig Larman
  • Danny Coward
  • Christophe Coenraets
  1. Large Scale Integration (in Financial Services
  2. Making Apps That Don't Suck
  3. Agile Operations - optimising the business one shell script at a time
  • John Davies
  • Mike Lee
  • Dan North & Chris Read
  1. Why don't we learn!?
  2. Introduction to iOS Software Development
  3. Building a ReSTful architecture on .net with OpenRasta
  • Russ Miles
  • Adrian Kosmaczewski
  • Seb Lambla
Design in the face of scale and change@Facebook
  • Nick Schrock
16 MAY
  1. Using design thinking to stop building worthless software
  2. Spring 3.1 and Beyond - Themes and Trends
  3. Do's and dont's on Android.
  4. The Invisible Computer Lab
  • Jeff Patton
  • Juergen Hoeller
  • Lars Hesel Christensen
  • Fraser Speirs
  1. Putting the "re" into Architecture
  2. Rx: your prescription to cure asynchronous programming blues
  • Kevlin Henney
  • Bart De Smet
  1. From months to minutes - upping the stakes
  2. The future of Java EE
  3. Mobile app privacy: you're doing it wrong (and so am I)
  • Dan North
  • Jerome Dochez
  • Graham Lee
  1. HTML5 @ Facebook
  2. Netflix’s Cloud Data Architecture
  • David Recordon
  • Siddharth Anand
13 JUN
  1. Contracts & Collaboration in Agile “Offshore” Outsourced Development
  2. Going Beyond The Data Grid: Coherence, Normalisation, Joins and Linear Scalability
  3. Futures Trade Flow: Innovation in Trade Processing
  4. Advanced Reflection
  • Craig Larman
  • Ben Stopford
  • Ian Bond
  • Jean Baptiste Evain
20 JUN
  1. Where Did My Architecture Go? Preserving software architecture in its implementation
  2. HTML5 and the dawn of rich mobile web applications
  • Eoin Woods
  • James Pearce
  1. Learning and perverse incentives: "The Evil Hat"
  2. OSGi - The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw
  3. Innovations and Integrations: Applying Trendy Technologies to NASA Mission Operations Planning
  4. Building Best Buy's BBY Open RESTful Commerce Engine
  5. Remediation patterns - how to achieve low risk releases
  • Liz Keogh
  • Ian Robinson
  • Mark Powell
  • Brian Sletten
  • Jez Humble
  1. Innovation at Google
  2. Compile-time verification, it's not just for type safety any more
  • Patrick Copeland
  • Greg Young
11 JUL
  1. Complex Event Processing: DSL for High Frequency Trading
  2. The Kiev Experiment": Evolving Agile Partnerships
  3. OnLive?s Launch Experiences and Real Time Gaming Architecture
  • Richard Tibbetts
  • Alexander Kikhtenko & Simon Ogle & Peter Thomas
  • Tom Paquin
  1. Craft and Software Engineering
  2. NoSQL@Netflix
  • Glenn Vanderburg
  • Siddharth Anand
  1. Java without GC pauses: keeping up with Moore's law and living in a virtualized world.
  2. Testing for the unexpected
  3. Kanban System Design
  4. Make yourself comfortable and REST with .NET
  5. Solving SOA challenges: Building reliable systems from unreliable components
  • Gil Tene
  • Ulf Wiger
  • Karl Scotland
  • Glenn Block
  • Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz
  1. Data Architecture at Twitter Scale
  2. A True Conversational Web
  • Nick Kallen
  • Robert Virding
  1. Deliberate Practice
  2. Distributed Systems, Databases, and Resilience
  3. Why I chose MongoDB for
  4. Events, They are not just for notifications
  • Jon Jagger
  • Justin Sheehy
  • Matthew Wall
  • Greg Young
  1. Scaling the Social Graph: Infrastructure at Facebook
  2. Building composite applications in a package-managed world
  • Jason Sobel
  • Seb Lambla
  1. When the pressure is really on: A ?rough and ready? application of Lean and Kanban at the BBC
  2. Single Page Apps and the Future of History
  • Katherine Kirk
  • Michael Mahemoff
  1. Software quality – you know it when you see it
  2. Getting Things Done with REST
  • Erik Dörnenburg
  • Ian Robinson
  1. Team Leadership in the Age of Agile
  2. Node.js: Asynchronous I/O for Fun and Profit
  3. Clojure and the Web LINQ, take two – realizing the
  4. LINQ to Everything dream
  • Roy Osherove
  • Stefan Tilkov
  • Glenn Vanderburg
  • Bart De Smet
  1. Stop the Architecture Erosion!
  2. Complexity vs. Lean: The Big Showdown
  • Bernhard Merkle
  • Jurgen Appelo
  1. Let It Crash...Except When You Shouldn't
  2. Nokia: Lessons learnt migrating a very large and highly-relational database into a "classic" NoSQL
  3. Webmachine: a practical executable model of HTTP
  • Steve Vinoski
  • Enda Farrel
  • l Justin Sheehy
  1. Using Hypermedia Services for System Integration
  2. Yet another Language? What's the Point of DSLs in todays polyglot Programming Environment
  3. HBase @ Facebook
  4. The Beginner's Mind
  • Tim Ewald
  • Michael Hunger
  • Kannan Muthukkaruppan
  • Patrick Kua
  1. Can the Kanban Method avoid becoming another Management Fad
  2. It Is Possible to Do Object-Oriented Programming in Java
  3. Secure Distributed Programming on EcmaScript 5 + HTML5 platforms
  • Benjamin Mitchell
  • Kevlin Henney
  • Mark S. Miller
  1. Using a Graph Database to power the Web Of Things
  2. Large-scale pure OO at the Irish Government
  • Rick Bullotta & Emil Eifrem
  • Richard Pawson
  1. Better is Better
  • Steve Freeman
Note: These dates are subject to change without notice.