Customer Advisory Board for QCon London 2012

QCon London is launching a new program for the 2012 conference--Customer Advisory Board.  The program involves including some of our key customers in the program development process.  This is an opportunity for customers to provide input and review the choices and selection of speakers, tracks and overall content at the QCon London 2012 program.  In return for involvment, the conference provides special benefits to those who participate in the program.  For 2012, we plan to have a small team of 10 - 15 customer representatives involved in the program.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Geeta Schmidt, for more detail. 


  • One person/representative from each company or division.
  • Have attended at least one QCon conference in the past 
  • Limited to customers-- no speakers or sponsors 


  • Provide feedback to program development for QCon London 2012 in the form of online surveys and emails
  • Feedback in the form of track ideas/discussions, speaker requests, and other "ideas"
  • Spreading the word about the event either via word of mouth, social media, and within their own organizations


  • Free Passes for each participant and Company Discounts for their respective companies
  • Special invites to Speakers Dinner at the Conference
  • Free T-Shirt / QCon merchandise
  • Option to have company and member recognition on the Customer Advisory Board
  • Meeting facilitation with requested speakers at the event
  • VIP lounge area with seating and refreshments at QCon