What we want from you

- photo in high res & b&w

- one line bio

- presentation abstract 

- departure city & country

- mobile phone number


What you get from us

- hotel {deadline February 1, 2011}

- conference pass

- social events 



If you have any questions regarding being a speaker at QCon London 2011 please contact Liv Beswick Skov


Speaker, presentation and tutorial information


Photo & bios

We need your photo (high res., b&w if possible), bio and a one line bio (e.g. creator of ..., loud-mouth on..., founder of...,  Strategist, ... authority, author of..., queen of ...) from you in order for us to have your individual speaker's page as updated as possible.

If you were a speaker at QCon London 2010, QCon San Francisco 2010 or JAOO 2010 we already have uploaded your picture and bios. Please check your individual speaker page and see if it is all right. If not please send us a more recent picture and your updated bio.

Furthermore, we need to know from where you will depart (city/country) and your mobile phone number in order for us to contact you immediately during QCon if somethings come up.


Presentation abstract

A presentation abstract should be around 70 words in length, and it needs to contain the main benefits from your presentation. E.g.: "You will learn to...", "... get an insight into ..." etc.

Furthermore please write

  1. The keywords of your presentation (e.g. Java, .NET, Architecture, Process, Patterns, Web 2.0, Languages, Code-near, Enterprise, Hot topic)
  2. The target audience. Describe in a line or two who would benefit from this talk


Tutorials slides

We need a .pdf copy of your tutorial slides  (grayscale or no background, two slides per page, A4 size) February 8, 2011. We will make a hard copy of the slides and hand them out for tutorial attendees only upon onsite registration.

Please let us know if you have any requests for the class room like table set-up, or flip charts. By default, there will be notepad, pens, projector and wi-fi in each room.

Contact: Tine Grarup


Tutorial schedule

Please plan your tutorial presentation (Monday March 8 or Tuesday March 9) according to the following breaks: 

09:00: Tutorials start

10:20-11:05: Coffee break (15 minutes)

11:45-13:15: Lunch (60 minutes)

14:20-15:05: Coffee break (15 minutes)

16:00: Tutorials end

As a tutorial speaker you will receive a  request to stop for lunch break at a certain time. Please meet that time.

Hotel, Travel & Registration


If we provide a hotel room for you during the conference the deadline for letting us know when you arrive and depart is February 1, 2011, and then we will book the room for you. The hotel will send you a booking confirmation approx. two weeks before arrival.

Let us know when you arrive and depart by filling out this form

QCon hotel politics: If we provide a hotel room for you QCon covers hotel up to three nights for Europe-based speakers and four nights for overseas-based speakers unless you are giving a tutorial as well as a presentation. Further nights are on your own and will be charged upon departure (special QCon London conference rate).


The QCon Speaker's hotel is:
Crowne Plaza London St James
45-51 Buckingham Gate
London SW1E 6AF

Tel: +44 20 7834 6655
Fax: +44 20 7630 75 87

The hotel is a deluxe four star hotel in central London, located only 10 min. walk from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Center, where QCon London 2011 is held. 



You find directions on getting to the conference area and hotel here


Speaker's registration

QCon will register all speakers and QCon covers the conference fee for speakers.

•    Tutorial speakers: You’ll find the registration in the foyer of Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre

•    Conference speakers: Please go to the 3rd floor at Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre (QEIICC) for speaker’s registration

You will receive your conference badge, conference kit and speaker's information upon registration, and you have the opportunity to register for social events too.

At QCon London



As a speaker, your presentation is assigned to a track; and we would like to encourage you to stay with the track all day and help to build a good discussion during the day.

Please come to your presentation at least 15 minutes before the start. Each track will have a host. The host will introduce you before going on stage and (s)he will help you with practical issues if needed. Volunteers will be guarding the door.

Each room will have screen, projector and lapel mic (expections: no mics/sound system in Wordsworth and Shelley Room). You will also have wireless internet access. You have to provide a presentation laptop and suitable adapters yourself. It is important that your laptop resolution is set to: 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 on the VGA output plug. This will prevent display issues between the laptop and the projector.


Presentation slides

We upload your presentation slides and make them available on the QCon website. The host will have a memory stick to hold your slides for upload. Please provide your host with slides immediately after the presentation.


Filming Sessions

Some conference presentations will be filmed for posting on InfoQ.com where the speakers can get viewed by thousands instead of just hundreds at the conference. We will ask you if we may record your presentation upon onsite registration. Example videos.



Each presentation will be evaluated. The attendees will get an opportunity to either give a green, yellow or red note for each presentation. Green = great presentation, yellow = average presenation, red = poor presentation. We kindly ask you to inform and encourage the attendees to help us with this. After your presentation you will receive the results of the evaluation from your own presentation at the Information Desk and after the conference we will send you the results too. 

We will also ask you as a speaker to evaluate the conference. We will send you an electronic evaluation form when we send you your presentation evaluations. Please use 2 minutes to fill in the speaker's evaluation form - it's very important for the QCon Team in order to improve communication with speakers and the conference.


Social events

All social events are free of charges for speakers!

Wednesday March 9

  • Exhibitor Reception, 17:30-18:00
  • Conference Party, 19:30-23:00 

Thursday March 10

  • Nokia Hospitality Suite, 17:50-19:00
  • User Group Meetings, 18:30-20:00: Please check out the user groups, their programs and sign up here
  • Speaker’s Dinner, 20:30
Friday March 11
  • Meet the speakers, 16:50-17:50: We have invited all attendees to meet you! It is a great opportunity for mingling and networking. We encourage you to be there.