Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Host: Floyd Marinescu

Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, OnLive, Visa

Future of Java

Host: Charles Humble

JVM Languages, Java EE, Spring, OSGi, Virtualization & Cloud, GC

NoSQL: Where and How

Host: Alex Popescu

HBase@Facebook,, and more NoSQL

HTML5, the Platform

Host: Dionysios Synodinos

HTML5@Facebook, WebSockets, Mobile, Secure browser OO

Next-Generation Financial Technology

Host: Kirk Wylie

Futures Trade Flow, Millisecond latencies @ Linear Scale, CEP, and more

Software Craftsmanship

Host: Kevlin Henney

Craftsmanship & Engineering, Deliberate Practice, Leadership, Quality, Learning

Enterprise Agile Transformation

Host: Russ Miles

Teams, Learning, Contracts & Collaboration

Functional Web

Host: Steve Vinoski

Node.JS, Haskell, Webmachine, Clojure, Conversational Web

When Things Break

Host: Ulf Wiger

"Let it crash", operating during Failure, Continuous Deployment, Unreliable Components

.NET State of the Art

Host: Greg Young

Azure, Rx Async Programming, Code Contracts, Reflection

Building Systems With REST

Host: Jim Webber

REST@BestBuy, Hypermedia-driven apps & integration, REST in .NET

iOS4 and Android

Host: Adrian Kosmaczewski

Advanced iOS4 and Android stuff

Design and Objects 2011

Host: Floyd Marinescu

OO@Facebook, OO@Government, Onion Design, OO in Java, Event-driven design

Lean and Kanban: Learning Through Systems Thinking

Host: Karl Scotland

Kanban@BBC, Design Thinking, Complexity vs. Lean, System Design

Software Architecture Improvements

Host: Michael Hunger

Architecture Refactoring, Re-engingeering, Erosion, Arch Assessment

Solutions Track: Performance and Scalability

Host: TBA

What does it take to scale? This panel will bring together leading architects and solution providers in the area of performance, scalability, fault tolerance, & clustering; the panel will explore current & emerging architectures, practices, and solutions for achieving predictable performance & scalability.