Presentation: "Better is Better"

Time: Thursday 15:35 - 16:35

Location: Westminster Suite, Fourth Floor


It's time our industry understood the value of a culture where things "just work." We've all heard the phrase "Quality is Free" but few get to live it because too few organisations really believe it. Many agile teams stop half-way because they don't know how much more effective they could be.

I've been lucky enough to encounter some high-performance environments and found the experience liberating and radically productive (although no-one promised easy). In this talk, I will review some of these experiences and why their commitment to quality worked so well.

Steve Freeman, Pioneer of Agile, Chair the first London XpDay

 Steve  Freeman

Steve was a pioneer of Agile software development in the UK, he has built applications for banks, ISPs, financial data providers, and specialist software companies. He has given training courses in Europe, America, and Asia.

Previously, he worked in research labs, software houses, earned a PhD, and wrote shrink-wrap software for IBM. Steve also teaches in the Computer Science department at University College London. He is a presenter and organizer at international industry conferences, and was conference chair for the first London XpDay.