Presentation: "Data Architecture at Twitter Scale"

Time: Thursday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Fleming Room, Third Floor

One of the biggest opportunities for innovation on the web today is mining the huge amount of data from Twitter and similar platforms. Unfortunately, supporting these datasets is labor-intensive due to immature storage solutions. We will discuss Twitter's experience with its four fundamental data types and query patterns: tweets, timelines, social graphs, and search indices. For each of these, Twitter implemented custom datastores because existing solutions were insufficient. Based on that experience, we will propose requirements for a general-purpose distributed database that would foster broad innovation on the web.
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Nick Kallen, Twitter

 Nick  Kallen
Nick Kallen is a Systems Engineer at Twitter. He is the author of Arel, NamedScope, Cache Money, and Screw.Unit; and a co-creator FlockDb, Twitter's distributed graph database.