Presentation: "Design in the face of scale and change@Facebook"

Time: Friday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Elizabeth Windsor, Fifth Floor


Effectively scaling the world’s largest social platform is a unique engineering challenge. Over the past year Facebook has added hundreds of millions users and launched a torrent of new features at a rate much faster than our engineering organization has grown. Building abstractions around the constraints imposed by that scaling is unique design challenge.

Throughout this growth, we've also substantially redesigned our internal programming abstractions to make our engineering organization more productive and less error-prone. We have developed fbobjects -- a schema-less data storage engine; Preparables -- a pattern for orchestrating data-fetching amongst disparate components; and Ents -- an object model that allows us to declaratively fetch and manipulate privacy-aware views of the Facebook social graph.

This talk will go into detail on these frameworks and their evolution.

Nick Schrock, Engineer at Facebook

 Nick  Schrock
Nick is an engineer at Facebook, working on the Pages, Profile, Privacy, and the general product architecture of Facebook. Nick studied Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan, and Economics at the London School of Economics. Prior to joining Facebook, Nick worked at Microsoft; CareEvolution, a healthcare technology provider; and co-founded BitYield, a financial technology start-up.