Training: "Designing software, drawing pictures"

Time: Tuesday 09:00 - 16:00

Location: Abbey, Fourth Floor


Experience is a large part of the software architecture role, but how do you gain it without taking on that role? The purpose of this tutorial is to provide you with some of that experience along with the information that you need to apply "just enough" software architecture to your own software projects.

We'll start off by looking at what the drives the software design process before giving you a set of functional requirements and a blank sheet of paper. From here you'll be asked to define the software architecture for a solution that meets those requirements, which will require you to choose some technologies and draw some diagrams to illustrate your design. Along the way you'll receive guidance on how to simplify your designs and how to draw a collection of diagrams that express your design in a clear and consistent way.

Join us if you want to know where to start when designing software and how to go about software architecture in a lightweight, structured and pragmatic way.

Simon Brown, Founder of "Coding the Architecture"

 Simon  Brown
Depending on your viewpoint, Simon is either a software architect who codes or a software developer who understands architecture. Since starting his career, he's been involved with software projects ranging from rich desktop clients and web applications through to highly scalable distributed systems and service-oriented architectures; predominantly within the finance industry using Microsoft .NET and Java. He's also undertaken consulting roles with a broader focus on people, process and technology. When he's not developing software, Simon can usually be found coaching or training. One of his training courses is called Software Architecture for Developers and is based upon his software architecture writing at Coding the Architecture. The other is called Enterprise Software Developer, which is based around the work he does helping software teams improve the way that they build software.