Presentation: "Single Page Apps and the Future of History"

Time: Friday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Westminster Suite, Fourth Floor

The HTML5 stack - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - has become a platform for applications, not just static documents. Full page refreshes are becoming a rarity in this new world, as the document-oriented website gives way to Single-Page Apps. What does this mean for developers and their users - revolutionary panacea or just-plain headache? This talk will look at the state of HTML5 art in dealing with single page apps, and identify best practices for dealing with the concerns of user experience, accessibility, and SEO
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Michael Mahemoff, Google

 Michael  Mahemoff
Michael Mahemoff is a Chrome Developer Advocate for Google, based in London, always looking at ways to make the web a more habitable place for users and developers. He’s been programming on the web since the mid ’90s, in a range of public-facing and enterprise (Java, what else?) contexts, and is the author of Ajax Design Patterns (O’Reilly, 2006) and a blogger for Server side, he’s mostly a Ruby, PHP, and NodeJS guy, and he also enjoys sushi. Michael holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne, covering software design patterns for user experience.