Presentation: "Using Hypermedia Services for System Integration"

Time: Thursday 16:50 - 17:50

Location: Henry Moore Room, Fourth Floor

You have a bunch of systems you need to integrate with one another. But each system also needs to evolve. So how do you tie things together to achieve your goal, but not tie them so tightly that they have no room to move? The goal of this session is to consider how hypermedia can be used to address this long standing problem. The talk focuses on a mix of theory and practice, presenting protocol state machines as a way to model interactions, and exploring how they can be used to support system evolution. Lessons learned from applying these ideas in a range of industries will also be shared.
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Tim Ewald, Relevance inc.

 Tim  Ewald
Tim Ewald is a pragmatic architect with 18 years experience building distributed systems. He works at Relevance, a consultancy focused on systems engineering using advanced languages and agile methods. Prior to joining Relevance, Tim was a VP of Architecture at SeaChange International, where he focused on integrating Web technologies and video on demand infrastructure for the cable and telco industry. Before that he worked at Microsoft, where he designed and developed the first iteration of MSDN2.