Presentation: "Using a Graph Database to power the Web Of Things"

Time: Friday 15:35 - 16:35

Location: Fleming Room, Third Floor

This talk will focus on the use of graph database technology in the context of the “web of things”, using as case study the ThingWorx platform. We will dive into how graph databases have enabled us to model the real world in a far richer (and more representative) manner than with traditional data storage approaches, allowed to derive value from not only the data itself, but the relationships between data and provided a variety of different and rich ways for searching, querying, and analyzing data
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Emil Eifrem

 Emil  Eifrem

After some unsuccessful attempts at demo programming in the 80s, Emil Eifrem found a hacker's home in the world of text role-playing games in the early days of the internet.

100 000 lines of spaghetti C, almost as many segfaults and several sleepless years later, he escaped into the warm embrace of Java 1.0a2 and has stayed there ever since. (He has no regrets but is secretly proud that the text game he founded is still played almost 15 years later.)

After a decade as a developer, mentor and architect at a consulting- and product company in southern Sweden, Emil's current focus is on evangelizing graph databases and preaching the demise of tabular solutions everywhere.

Rick Bullotta

 Rick  Bullotta
Rick Bullotta is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ThingWorx, a pioneer in the emerging field of collaborative, real-world aware applications. Mr. Bullotta was previously Chief Technology Officer at Invensys Wonderware, a leading global provider of manufacturing operations software solutions and was a Vice President with SAP Research, responsible for research activities in the future manufacturing area.