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Rod Johnson, Creator of Spring

 Rod  Johnson

Rod is SVP, Middleware and GM of the SpringSource division at VMware. He is a thought leader on open source, as well as a popular speaker at conferences and symposia around the world. Spring was based on the code published with Rod's best-selling "Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development" (2002). This book was one of the most influential books ever published on J2EE and the sequel, "J2EE without EJB" (July 2004, with Juergen Hoeller), has proven almost equally significant, establishing a comprehensive vision for lightweight, post-EJB J2EE development.

Rod has specialized in server-side Java since 1996 across a wide range of industries. His hands-on experience has led him to see problems from a client's perspective as well as a technology perspective, and has driven his influential criticism of bloated, inefficient, orthodox approaches to J2EE architecture.

Rod is a member of the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee (EC) and holds a BA with Honors in Computer Science, Mathematics and Musicology as well as a Phd from the University of Sydney.

Presentation: "Things I Wish I'd Known"

Time: Friday 09:20 - 10:20

Location: To be announced

Australian technologist and entrepreneur Rod Johnson will take candidly about some of the lessons he's learnt over 15 years in IT, some of the mistakes he's made and observed others making, and some of the things that proved to work. The talk will cover both business and technical topics and reflect Rod's experience writing books on Java programming, creating and leading the popular Spring Framework and building a successful venture-funded software company, acquired in 2009 by VMware, where Rod is today an executive.