Kiki Carter
Building on Reactive Architectures @Lightbend

Kiki Carter is a Principal Enterprise Architect at Lightbend, Inc. 

I have a passion for leading enterprise transformations, creating innovative solutions using emerging technologies to modernize heritage environments. I find a certain joy developing large scale, high performance distributed systems using Reactive Principles, especially when building with Lightbend Reactive Platform - Akka and friends. I have slight Scala bias, but at least half of my time is spent with Java. I enjoy the benefits of broad industry experience having worked in entertainment, hospitality, retail, life science and others. I do play favorites, but you’ll have to ask on the right day. My personal passion project involves non-profit missions in anti human trafficking with focus on prevention and aftercare. For fun, I live “simultaneously” on different continents and wander all the earth and seas between.

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Talk : High Performance Actors

Talk : Actor-Based Architectures AMA w/ Yaroslav Tkachenko, Kiki Carter & Jonas Boner

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