Presentation: Applied Performance Theory

Track: Bare Knuckle Performance

Location: Whittle, 3rd flr.

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Wednesday

Level: Advanced

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How does your system perform under load? What are the bottlenecks, and how does it fail at its limits? How do you stay ahead as your system evolves and its workload grows?

Performance theory offers a rigorous and practical (-- yes!) approach to performance tuning and capacity planning. In this talk, we’ll dive into elegant results like Little’s Law and the Universal Scalability Law. We’ll explore the use of performance theory in real systems at companies like Facebook, and discuss how we can leverage it too, to prepare our systems for flux and scale.

Speaker: Kavya Joshi

Software Engineer @Samsara

Kavya Joshi writes code for a living at a start-up in San Francisco. She particularly enjoys architecting and building highly concurrent, highly scalable systems. In her free time, she reads non-fiction and climbs rocks. Before moving to San Francisco to be an Adult, Kavya was at MIT where she got a Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science.

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