Workshop: Mastering Microservices Monitoring with Prometheus

Location: Westminster, 4th flr.

Duration: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Day of week: Thursday

Level: All

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll be able to install and configure Prometheus

  • You’ll know how to write your own Prometheus queries in PromQL

  • You’ll be able to integrate Prometheus with Kubernetes to discover and extract important metrics automatically

  • You’ll be able to create business and user focused metrics that help you and your colleagues make intelligent decisions.


  • Linux / Mac / Windows laptop
  • Being able to create a basic web application in a language of your choice
  • Comfortable using the terminal and using command line utilities

Monitoring containerised apps creates a whole new set of challenges that traditional monitoring systems struggle with. In this hands-on Workshop, Ilya and Brice from Weaveworks will guide you through using the open source Prometheus monitoring toolkit and integrating it with Kubernetes on an example application.

After this workshop, you'll be able to use Prometheus to monitor your microservices on a Kubernetes cluster. We'll cover:

  • An introduction to Kubernetes to manage containers;
  • The monitoring maturity model;
  • An overview of whitebox and blackbox monitoring;
  • Monitoring with Prometheus;
  • Using PromQL (the Prometheus Query Language) to monitor your app in a dynamic system

Speaker: Ilya Dmitrichenko

Developer Experience Engineer @Weaveworks

Ilya is a Developer Experience Engineer at Weaveworks, focused on making the adoption of microservices easier. Prior to Weaveworks, Ilya worked at Xively, where he personally experienced the shift to a true DevOps culture. He began to shift focus down the stack, becoming one of the early evangelists of and contributors to open source projects in the emerging Docker/container ecosystem.

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Speaker: Brice Fernandes

Software Engineer @Weaveworks

Brice fell in love with programming while studying physics and never really looked back since. He has a broad technology background that covers everything from embedded C to backendless browser apps using the trendiest javascript frameworks. He taught Game Development and Functional Programming online and founded his own education platform for developers before joining Weaveworks. He now spends his time making microservices and containers so simple even your cat can deploy and monitor them. Come talk to him about programming, creating closed ecological systems and leatherworking.

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