Track: Tech Ethics: The Intersection of Human Welfare & STEM

Location: Westminster, 4th flr.

Day of week: Wednesday

What does it mean to be ethical in software? Hear how the discussion is evolving and what is being said in ethics today.

Track Host: Anne Currie

Chief Strategist @containersoluti (Container Solutions)

Anne Currie has been in the tech industry for over 20 years working on everything from Microsoft Back Office Servers in the 90's to international online lingerie in the 00's to cutting edge devops and the impact of orchestrated containers in the 10's. Anne has co-founded tech startups in the productivity, retail and devops spaces. She currently works in London for Container Solutions.

Tech Ethics Presentation

Presentation details will follow soon.

Catherine Flick, Reader in Computing & Social Responsibility @dmuleicester

Designing an Ethical Chatbot

Presentation details will follow soon.

Steve Worswick, Senior Artificial Intelligence Designer @pandorabots & Four times winner of the Loebner Prize