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Presentation: Panel: JavaScript - Is the Insanity Over?

Track: JavaScript: Pushing the Client Beyond the Browser

Location: St James, 4th flr.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Monday

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Is JavaScript finally ready to make developers happy? Are the days of transpiling really numbered?

When will the software architects in the back row finally stop laughing at us?

We seem to be stuck with JavaScript. But the developer experience might just be getting better—join to us to see if there is hope!

Speaker: Miguel Ramalho

MSc Student @UPorto (University of Porto)

Miguel is a final-year MSc Student at the University of Porto who is striving to be both a full-stack engineer and a full-stack computer scientist. He believes that informatics has the potential to change minds, lives and ultimately the world so he focuses on learning and combining as much of it as possible.

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Speaker: Eoin Shanaghy

CTO and co-founder @fourtheorem

Eoin is the CTO and co-founder of fourTheorem, a technology consultancy focused on modern applications and machine learning. He is also the author of "AI as a Service", a book on building serverless AI applications from Manning Publications. Prior to fourTheorem, Eoin worked in software architecture and product engineering in both startups and enterprises globally

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Speaker: Katelyn Sills

Software Engineer @agoric

Kate Sills is a software engineer at Agoric, building composable smart contract components in a secure subset of JavaScript. Previously, Kate has researched and written on the potential uses of smart contracts to enforce agreements and create institutions orthogonal to legal jurisdictions. Kate earned her degree in CS from UC Berkeley, and is building a tiny house in her spare time.

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Speaker: Gordon Williams

Creator of the @Espruino

Gordon is the creator of the Espruino, a tiny microcontroller board that runs JavaScript. Over the past 6 years he’s designed hardware, written software, and shipped four successful KickStarters from his home in Oxfordshire. Before that, he wrote compilers and 3D graphics software for a range of companies – including Altera, Nokia, Lloyds Register, Microsoft, Collabora, and Curtiss Wright.

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