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Track: JavaScript: Pushing the Client Beyond the Browser

Location: St James, 4th flr.

Day of week:

JavaScript was a toy language created in two weeks. It has fundamental flaws with a core of brilliance, and is one of the great examples of “worse is better”. Not only is the language accessible, and learnable, it is flexible enough to support serious computer science structures and design patterns. So it persisted and flourished. Now we have a very nice problem: its a golden age for JavaScript, and the browser is not enough!  

This is a toy language that can deliver enterprise architectures, is friendly to all human cultures, can speak to the machines, and can deliver the quantum secrets of the universe into your code editor. And do the robots…lots of robots. Get ready for the New JavaScript Order!

Track Host: Richard Rodger

Richard Rodger is the founder and CEO @voxgig

Richard Rodger is the founder and CEO of, a professional networking and tool suite for the technology conferences and events industry.

Richard was previously a co-founder and COO of, the world's largest specialist Node.js consultancy delivering next-generation enterprise software, with a focus on Node.js and microservices. Before that, Richard was the CTO of FeedHenry, a mobile application platform provider that was acquired by RedHat in 2014. 

Richard is the author of The Tao of Microservices, a new book from Manning focused on the design and management of microservice architectures. Richard is the host of the Dublin Microservices Meetup, and the maintainer of the open source microservice framework. His first book Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (Wiley, 2010) is one of the first major works on the intersection of Node.js, Cloud, and Mobile. 

Richard is curator of the voxgig Newsletter for tech conference speakers, and host of the "fireside with voxgig" Podcast. Richard holds degrees in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science.

10:35am - 11:25am

Bangle.js - Creating a Smart Watch With JavaScript

Gordon will talk about how he took an off the shelf smart watch, reverse engineered it, installed a JavaScript interpreter on 400 of them and got them into the hands of the attendees at NodeConf EU. He's currently in the process of shipping another 1500 watches to Kickstarter backers.

Gordon Williams, Creator of the @Espruino

11:50am - 12:40pm

Panel: JavaScript - Is the Insanity Over?

Is JavaScript finally ready to make developers happy? Are the days of transpiling really numbered?

When will the software architects in the back row finally stop laughing at us?

We seem to be stuck with JavaScript. But the developer experience might just be getting better—join to us to see if there is hope!

Miguel Ramalho, MSc Student @UPorto (University of Porto)
Eoin Shanaghy, CTO and co-founder @fourtheorem
Katelyn Sills, Software Engineer @agoric
Gordon Williams, Creator of the @Espruino

1:40pm - 2:30pm

Running third-party JavaScript

There’s a JavaScript package for everything. But installing a random package is a security nightmare: the installed package can access your data and send it over the network without anyone ever knowing.  

But there’s hope! This talk will discuss how to minimize the risks of running third-party JavaScript. We’ll go over POLA, the Principle of Least Authority, and how object capabilities can help us grant specific, limited resources to third-party code. We’ll also cover the current efforts to enforce security boundaries in JavaScript: SES (Secure ECMAScript) and Realms.

Katelyn Sills, Software Engineer @agoric

2:55pm - 3:45pm

Putting Node.js Serverless Apps into Production without the Pitfalls

Serverless is the new way of creating software. It means moving away from servers and leaving that to the cloud vendor. Instead, you focus on features and business value and use managed cloud services to build powerful applications. Serverless allows you to do more much faster.

But there are plenty of pitfalls, all of which can sour your initial experiences of putting Serverless into production.

This talk covers the highs and lows of building Node.js apps with Serverless. The open source, JavaScript-based SLIC Starter project will be presented, showing how it is used to quickly adopt best practices and get to a successful production deployment without the pain. We'll also show how TypeScript-based Infrastructure as Code is the way forward!

Eoin Shanaghy, CTO and co-founder @fourtheorem

4:10pm - 5:00pm

Hello Quantum Developers World - Yet Another Frontier for JavaScript

In this talk, participants will come to know the underlying principles of Quantum Computing and how it differs from Classical Computing, how and why it is evolving so fast and how to take it from the hands of researchers and put it in the hands of developers thus making way for the so-promised Quantum Developers.

Miguel Ramalho, MSc Student @UPorto (University of Porto)

5:25pm - 6:15pm

JS � Character Encodings

Character encodings can be confusing for every developer, providing pitfalls even for the most experienced ones, so a lot of the time we want to end up with something that “just works” without an in-depth understanding of the involved concepts. In this talk, Anna will give an overview over what they are, what the JavaScript language provides to interact with them, and how to avoid the most common mistakes in Node.js and the Web.

Anna Henningsen, Node.js Developer


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