Lessons & Best Practices from Leading the Serverless First Journey at CapitalOne

Going serverless? Worried about challenges with performance, cost, and scale? At CapitalOne, we embraced a serverless first mentality across thousands of applications live today. This talk covers our journey into serverless. We’ll dive into the architecture patterns and best practices that we’ve optimized to run serverless at scale. You will learn how to optimize AWS Lambda and many of its common integrations for cost and performance. Finally, you’ll learn the top best practices and things to avoid when designing serverless architectures.

What's the focus of your work these days?

I'm helping Capital One transform into a serverless-first organization. We're focused on improving maturity in our engineering organization and improving our developer experience and productivity.

What's the motivation for your talk at QCon London 2024?

Serverless is an investment that can transform your entire technology stack, but like any major transformation, it requires new tooling, updated knowledge, and a learning process. I wanted to share our lessons learned and best practices that we use at one of the largest scale serverless deployments in the world.

How would you describe your main persona and target audience for this session?

Anyone who is interested in shifting to Serverless or already in progress. Come learn how we did it and avoid some of the things that slowed us down. Developers, Architects and Engineering managers will benefit from this talk.

Is there anything specific that you'd like people to walk away with after watching your session?

Serverless best practices at scale. Lessons learned operating a massive Lambda fleet. General business impacts of moving to serverless.


George Mao

Senior Distinguished Engineer @Capital One Leading All Things Serverless, Ex-AWS WW Serverless Tech Lead

George is a Senior Distinguished Engineer at Capital One. He is the Lead DE for Capital One's Serverless strategy and leads the effort to transform the company into a serverless-first organization. He leads the Serverless Center of Excellence and is responsible for setting enterprise patterns, best practices, and the developer experience. Prior to Capital one, George spent 7 years at AWS as their Tech Leader for Serverless computing.

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Wednesday Apr 10 / 03:55PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Windsor (5th Fl.)


Serverless lambda AWS cloud


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