Speaker: Adora Nwodo

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Senior Software Engineer, Founder of NexaScale, Multi-Published Author

Adora Nwodo is a multi-award winning Senior Software Engineer with 8 years of industry experience. She currently works at the intersection of the Cloud Engineering, and Developer Platforms and is passionate about the Cloud and Emerging Technologies. She is also the Vice President of the Nigerian chapter for VRAR Association. Her work there involves creating more awareness for Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies.

Apart from building and advocating for the cloud and emerging technologies, Adora is a Digital Creator and the Founder of NexaScale, a social enterprise aimed at fostering the growth and development of technology enthusiasts by providing resources and opportunities for project building and work experience - helping them start and scale their careers. She has courses online that teaches people about Infrastructure automation, she has also published multiple articles on Software Engineering, Productivity & Career Growth on her blog, AdoraHack. She also has a YouTube channel (Adora Nwodo TV) where she posts tech content that could be useful to Software Developers. Adora is an alumni of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business LEAD. 

Adora is a USTTI Alumni - The USTTI is a non-profit joint venture between leaders of the U.S. communications industry and ranking officials from the United States Government. She has also been featured by Logitech, TechCabal, ChannelsTV, The CXO Magazine, Techpoint Africa, and more. In 2023, Adora won the WomenTech Network Software Engineering Leader of the Year award, and she was also nominated for the Future Africa Awards Prize for Education. 

Adora is the Author of the popular book "Cloud Engineering for Beginners". This book is currently helping a lot of people start their career as Cloud Engineers. She is also the author of “Beginning Azure DevOps, ” a book published by Wiley, and “Confident Cloud,” a book published by Kogan Page. 

Adora spends a lot of her time on Twitter and LinkedIn sharing about her experience as a woman in tech. She is extremely passionate about the developer community. She co-organizes community events, and speaks at technology conferences worldwide.

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Monday Apr 8 / 03:55PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Churchill (Ground Fl.)


Infrastructure as Code Cloud Engineering DevOps