Speaker: Alan Elder

Principle Software Engineering Manager @Microsoft

Alan is a Principal Software Engineering Manager in the Azure for Operators group at Microsoft, which he joined through the acquisition of Metaswitch Networks.  Alan has spent 15 years working on IP networking, covering all the weird and wonderful ways that data gets sent around the world wide web.  His current focus is on high performance packet processing in software.  Outside of work Alan loves the outdoors and you will often find him out on his mountain bike getting muddy or running around in some hills.


What Can You Learn From the Fastest Code in the World?

One of the challenges in the cloud is handling the vast amount of data that has to be sent and received. Doing this in software reduces the need for specialist hardware and increases flexibility.

That's why superfast data planes exist.

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Tuesday Apr 9 / 10:35AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Mountbatten (6th Fl.)


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