Speaker: Alyssa Miller

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Chief Information Security Officer @EpiqGlobal

Alyssa Miller is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Epiq Global. She blends a unique mix of technical expertise and executive presence to bridge the gap that can often form between security and the software development functions. Her goal is to change how we look at the responsibility of information security within our organizations to focus on enabling efficient development and reducing the friction of onerous security practices.

A life-long hacker, Alyssa has a passion for technology and security. She bought her first computer herself at age 12 and quickly learned techniques for hacking modem communications and software. Her serendipitous career journey began as a software developer which enabled her to pivot into security roles. Beginning as a penetration tester, her last 16 years have seen her grow as a security leader with experience across a variety of organizations. She regularly advocates for improved Application Security and DevSecOps practices and shares her research with business leaders and industry audiences through her international public speaking engagements, online content, and as host of Securing Bridges streamed live via ITSP Magazine.

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