Speaker: Christopher Luu

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Staff Software Engineer @Netflix Specializing in Mobile

Christopher Luu is a Staff Senior Engineer at Netflix, working primarily on the iOS and Android platforms and some of the backends that support them. He's been at Netflix for over 3 years, where he has been helping architect and implement a new Server-Driven UI framework for the Growth team. Before Netflix, he was the CTO for a mobile and digital agency in Brooklyn and has worked on over 30 apps across the Apple and Google ecosystems. He's passionate at finding ways to bridge the platform divide, while also finding scalable solutions that can solve hard problems in service of a delightful user experience.

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Server-Driven UI for Mobile and Beyond

Server-Driven UI is a broad term that covers many kinds of technologies.

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Wednesday Apr 10 / 02:45PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Churchill (Ground Fl.)


SDUI architecture multi-platform mobile