Speaker: Lin Sun

She / her / hers

Open Source @solo.io, Istio TOC Member, CNCF TAG Network Cochair & Ambassador

Lin is the Head of Open Source at Solo.io, also serving as a CNCF TOC member and ambassador. She has been actively involved with the Istio service mesh since its inception in 2017, holding positions on both the Istio Steering Committee and Technical Oversight Committee. Prior to her current role, she was a Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor at IBM for 15+ years. She is the author of the book "Istio Ambient Explained" and has more than 200 patents to her name.

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Sidecar-Less or Sidecars for Your Applications in Istio Service Mesh?

Sidecar-less functionality has emerged as an alternative approach in service mesh architectures, addressing concerns related to costs and complexity associated with sidecars.

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Tuesday Apr 9 / 01:35PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Whittle (3rd Fl.)


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