Speaker: Matt Boyle

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Engineering Manager @Cloudflare

Matthew Boyle is an experienced technical leader in the field of distributed systems, specializing in using Go.

He has worked at huge companies such as Cloudflare and General Electric, as well as exciting high-growth startups such as Curve and Crowdcube.

Matt has been writing Go for production since 2018 and often shares blog posts and fun trivia about Go over on Twitter (@MattJamesBoyle).

Find Matt Boyle at:


Tales of Kafka @Cloudflare: Lessons Learnt on the Way to 1 Trillion Messages

Cloudflare uses Kafka to decouple microservices and communicate the creation, change or deletion of various resources via a common data format in a fault-tolerant manner.

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Monday Mar 27 / 02:55PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Fleming (3rd Fl.)


Microservices Kafka resilience case study