Architectures You've Always Wondered About

The biggest software systems on the planet need sophisticated architectures, deliberately and carefully designed to support true planet-scale, along with high availability, durability, security, and many other concerns.

These systems are often mysterious to outsiders - that’s why they make such good interview questions! Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About is QCon’s marquee track, featuring leading engineers from the world’s best tech companies walking us through the necessary complexity of these leading-edge systems. As well as frankly being very interesting, the design processes, results, and lessons learned along the way are something we can all learn from and take back to our own architectures.


Monday Mar 27 / 10:00AM PDT



QCon London 2023
March 27 - 29, 2023


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Track Host

Matt Turner

Software Engineer @Tetrateio and Co-Founder for Istio London

Matt is a software engineer at Tetrate, working on Istio-related products, and loves sharing the latest tech and trends with everyone. He's been doing Dev, sometimes with added Ops, for over a decade. His idea of "full-stack" is Linux, Kubernetes, and now Istio too. He's given many talks and workshops on Kubernetes and Istio, and is co-organiser of the Service Mesh London meetup. He tweets @mt165 and blogs at

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