Speaker: Min Chen

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Principal Staff Software Engineer @LinkedIn, Caltech CS PhD With Over 20-Year Extensive Software Development Experience

Min is a principal staff engineer at LinkedIn and the tech lead of service infrastructure division which provides the efficient serving stack and automation for LinkedIn online services. She holds a PhD degree in computer science from Caltech and has over 22 years of experience in software design and development. Before joining LinkedIn, she worked on various service and cloud infrastructure areas at IBM research, Oracle, BMC, Zynga, and Citrix.

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gRPC Migration Automation at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is in the process of migrating from Rest.li, an internally developed open source framework for building RESTful APIs to gRPC for better framework capabilities, runtime efficiency, and developer productivity.

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Tuesday Apr 9 / 11:45AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Churchill (Ground Fl.)


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