Speaker: Ranbir Chawla

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SVP of Engineering @RB Global, Previously SME @Thoughtworks Digital Platform Strategy Team, 30+ Years in Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship

Ranbir is an experienced creator, technical leader and entrepreneur with over 37 years of experience building and leading global engineering teams. From global supply chain to global web scale digital advertising, Ranbir has leveraged distributed architectures and highly effective engineering teams to deliver maximum innovation and high return for his investors.

Before joining Ritchie Brothers, Ranbir was a founding member of the Thoughtworks Digital Platform Strategy team specializing in Delivery Infrastructure and Engineering Enablement for 5 years.

While at Ritchie Bros, Ranbir has been successfully leading a full-scale digital transformation and legacy mitigation program for the largest global heavy equipment, agricultural and salvage auto auction marketplace, RB Global.

Ranbir is also an experienced presenter at both technical and executive strategy conferences, most recently Stripe Sessions.

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Beyond Platform Thinking at RB Global – Build Things No One Expects, in a Place No One Expects It

Ever wondered what is it really like to move from a poorly integrated COTS legacy architecture to a well factored API driven cloud native platform and event driven architecture, globally deployed in AWS EKS with modern observability and daily software releases?

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Monday Apr 8 / 10:35AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Fleming (3rd Fl.)


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