Speaker: Sheen Brisals

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Senior Engineering Manager, Author, and AWS Serverless Hero

Sheen is an AWS Serverless Hero. In his current role, Sheen guides enterprise teams to architect and build serverless solutions. Sheen has held several positions at leading software organizations over his long career. He is very passionate about serverless and loves sharing knowledge with the community. His writings and thoughts on serverless adoption have helped several engineers and organizations on their serverless journey. He is the co-author of 'Serverless Development on AWS: Building Enterprise-Scale Serverless Solutions' (O'Reilly, 2024). Sheen talks about serverless at conferences around the world.

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Think, Architect, and Sustain Your Serverless Applications As [Set] Pieces!

Over the decades, we have seen several architectural principles and patterns that helped enterprises build monolithic applications that stood the test of time. The emergence of microservices made us rethink how we built these business applications.

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Wednesday Apr 10 / 11:45AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Fleming (3rd Fl.)


AWS Serverless architecture Microservices