Speaker: Stephen Tung

He / him / his

Developer Advocate @Event Store

Stephen has been a software practitioner and leader for 20 years, focused on simplifying business solutions across various industries. He discovered DDD/CQRS/ES 15 years ago and has been dedicated to these approaches ever since. 

Currently serving as a Developer Advocate at Event Store, he is known (self-proclaimed) for his ability to simplify complex topics to an elementary level. He possesses a strong interest in educating the next generation of DDD/CQRS/ES practitioners and dreams of popularizing these concepts in his hometown of Hong Kong, as well as throughout China and Asia.


You Capture only 1% of Business Data. Unlock the rest with EventStoreDB

Your application is only capturing 1% of your business operational data and you have absolutely no idea what miracles you are capable of when you capture the rest with EventStoreDB and Event Sourcing.

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Monday Apr 8 / 11:45AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Westminster (4th Fl.)


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