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Christophe Coenraets, Adobe

 Christophe  Coenraets Christophe Coenraets is a Technical Evangelist for Adobe where he focuses on Rich Internet Applications, Mobile, and Enterprise Integration. In this role, Christophe has helped some of the largest financial services companies design, architect and implement some of their most mission critical applications. He was one of the initial members of the Flex Product Team in 2003. In his previous role at Macromedia, Christophe worked on JRun, the company’s J2EE application server. Before joining Macromedia, Christophe was managing Java and Internet Applications Evangelism at Sybase and Powersoft. Christophe has been a regular speaker at conferences worldwide for the last 15 years. He blogs at http://coenraets.org.

Presentation: "HTML 5 Design/Development Tooling (+ HTML and Flash)"

Time: Friday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Westminster Suite, Fourth Floor

Abstract: With the advent of HTML 5, designers and developers are looking for ways to work together most efficiently, and leverage their respective skills without requiring developers to become designers and designers to become developers.
In this session, we explore the latest advances in HTML 5/CSS 3 tooling that facilitate the integration of design and development to fully deliver on the potential of HTML 5. We also provide a pragmatic, drama-free view of when and how Flash can complement HTML 5, and discuss the future of Flash in the new Rich Internet Application landscape