Speaker: Slava Oks

Core Developer Behind Porting SQL Server to Linux @Microsoft
Slava Oks has been with Microsoft for almost 20 years. During the tenure he has worked on numerous system technologies; helped to build and ship a number of flagship Microsoft products such as SQL Server, Windows, connectivity drivers for ODBC & OLEDB and more. In 2007 Slava moved to work on Midori Operating System where he had lead Midori’s kernel team. In February of 2015, after short stop at Hypervisor, Slava came back to SQL Server team to work on bringing SQL Server to Linux, aka project Helsinki. While working on Helsinki, Slava has been helping the team to bring R and broader extensibility platform to SQL Server. For the last year, Slava has been leading engineering team working on the next version of SQL Server which will be the first version of the product to run on multiple platforms.

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Talk: SQL Server On Linux: Will It Perform Or Not?

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