Workshop: Beyond Relational:Applying Big Data Cloud Patterns




9:00am - 4:00pm

Key takeaways

Categorization and category leaders for database system types, i.e. RDBMS, NoSQL, Hadoop, and then within NoSQL, K/V, Wide-column, Document and Graph

Realistic paths to move from on premise to migrating and migrated database projects

Tradeoffs between big relational and non-relational databases

When to use Hadoop - and when not to use it and why

Cloud database products mapped to value for solution type


  • Some experience with database design and development
  • About 50-60% of the time will be devoted to paper-based exercises and working in groups and pairs, the rest will be lecture

In this full-day workshop, you will learn applied big data solution patterns. most often, but not always using the public cloud.We'll cover Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, and work with in small groups to design solutions for common scenarios.

We'll discuss database categories, products and understand actual cost to use one or more database types in your solution(s). Using combinations of Big Relational (for hot, cold or cold data), and one or more types from the NoSQL category (Key-value, Wide-column, Document or Graph) and sometimes even along with NewSQL, we'll design implementable solutions. We'll also cover what types of problems are best suited to the Hadoop ecosystem (including use of Spark and the associated libraries).

We'll also look at product maturity (particularly surrounding cloud products such as AWS' Aurora, Athena and Google's Big Query and Big Table). Also we'll examine widely used partner products, such as ETL or visualization tools.

Finally, we'll look at data load-testing patterns and security practices, including considerations around connecting between different vendor clouds.

Speaker: Lynn Langit

BigData and Cloud Architect

Lynn is an independent Data and Cloud Architect with over 15 years experience designing solutions for education, manufacturing, ad-tech and more. She is most recently known for her work with a mob programming team on a cloud-based enterprise IoT project. Lynn is also a LinkedIn Learning author of several popular courses such as 'Hadoop Fundamentals' and 'NoSQL for SQL Professionals'. Lynn has been awarded AWS Community Hero, Google Cloud Developer Expert and Microsoft MVP for Data Platform. Previously she was a Sr. Developer Evangelist at Microsoft. Lynn is also the director of the non-profit 'Teaching Kids Programming.' Lately, Lynn has been started working in bioinformatics, working with teams to build and optimize cloud-based Cancer Genomic research data pipelines.

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