Workshop: High Performance Microservices




9:00am - 4:00pm

Key takeaways

JVM internals

System profiling tools

Benchmarking methods

Performance monitoring and metrics collection

High-performance programming techniques


JDK 8 installed, gradle 3.2.1+ installed. Participants should be happy working with files in a terminal & standard tools for text parsing such as 'grep'

A full-day course exploring techniques for improving the performance of microservices.

We will begin by considering a very simple JSON/REST-based service, built using a few popular open-source libraries. In order to measure any improvements made during the course, the next step will be to add a simple load-testing harness and monitoring capabilities for latency and throughput.

At this point, we will spend some time reviewing the gathered metrics, and determining some areas for improvement to help us understand where performance problems lie.

Now that suitable monitoring is in place, we will then apply a scientific approach to experimentation. This will be an iterative process where we will continue to improve the performance of the service to its limits.

Speaker: Mark Price

Senior Performance Engineer @Improbableio

Mark is a Senior Performance Engineer at working on optimising and scaling reality-scale simulations. Previously, Mark worked as Lead Performance Engineer at LMAX Exchange, where he helped to optimise the platform to become one of the world's fastest FX exchanges.

Find Mark Price at

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