The Art, Science and Psychology of Decision Making

An exploration into the science behind decision-making, and tips and tricks to improve your ability to make sound personal and professional choices.


Hannes Ricklefs

Head of Architectures @BBC

Hannes Ricklefs is the Head of Architecture for Metadata, Audience and Publishing within the BBC’s Product Group - which delivers the future of digital products used by millions around the World. Before joining the BBC, Hannes worked for over a decade in feature film VFX, building platforms that enabled the global production of Oscar-winning productions such as Disney’s Jungle Book. He has a strong interest in driving projects that have a positive impact on people and society. 

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Monday Apr 8 / 11:45AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Whittle (3rd Fl.)


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Session staff+

Navigators: Decentralizing Decisions and Empowering ICs at Carta

Monday Apr 8 / 01:35PM BST

As organizations grow, maintaining communication channels between individual contributors (ICs), managers, and executives is vital. At Carta, we have harnessed the power of this small group of senior engineers to bridge the gap between innovation and executive decision-making.

Speaker image - Shawna Martell
Shawna Martell

Senior Staff Engineer @Carta

Speaker image - Dan Fike
Dan Fike

Deputy to the CTO @Carta

Session leadership

Small Actions, Big Impact: Catalyzing Change in Groups

Monday Apr 8 / 02:45PM BST

In the dynamic landscape of software engineering, the power to effect change does not lie in grand and colorful strategies but in the cumulative influence of small, strategic actions within teams and organizations.

Speaker image - Eb Ikonne
Eb Ikonne

Associate Vice President Product & Engineering @Cox Automotive, Author of "Becoming a Leader in Product Development", & Spreading Joy Through "Joy at Work"

Session Engineering Management

Help: I Didn’t Realize I Was a Manager Now!

Monday Apr 8 / 10:35AM BST

The highest performing companies in every industry, like Apple, adhere to the principle of Experts leading Experts. As Apple says "it's easier to train an expert to manage well than to train a manager to be an expert".

Speaker image - Peter  Gillard-Moss
Peter Gillard-Moss

Senior Engineering Manager @DeepL, Previously Head of Technology @thoughtworks, Technology Leader with 20+ Years Experience


Data, Drugs, and Disruption: Leading High-Performance Company in Drug Development

Monday Apr 8 / 05:05PM BST

Ever wonder how to find inspiration and leadership drive to transform your cutting-edge engineering idea into a viable technology powered business?

Speaker image - Dr. Olga Kubassova
Dr. Olga Kubassova

President @IAG, Image Analysis Group


Connecting the Dots: Engineering Leadership

Monday Apr 8 / 03:55PM BST

Join some leading experts in engineering leadership to share your challenges, hear from others who have similar challenges, and collaborate together on ways to take what you’ve learned at QCon back to work.