Specs Generation, Bring Intelligence in your API Management Strategy

In an era where access to data is In today's tech realm, maintaining a solid API setup is crucial. Yet, with the array of technologies and standards like OpenAPI and AsyncAPI out there, things can quickly get messy. Wrangling all your documentation into one coherent package? It's a real challenge. 

That's where intelligent spec generation steps in. Think of it as your trusty sidekick that takes the grunt work off your plate. By automatically crafting detailed specs, it not only keeps developers happy but also ensures your APIs stay up to snuff with the latest standards. 

But what if I told you that your API gateway, the very tool capturing your traffic, could lend a hand in generating these specifications? With the right setup, your gateway could become even smarter, automatically analyzing the traffic it sees to derive accurate and up-to-date specifications. This seamless integration takes efficiency to the next level, empowering your team to stay on top of API changes with minimal effort. 

This is what we're going to dive into: how intelligent spec generation, coupled with the capabilities of your API gateway, can revolutionize your API management. Let's explore how this dynamic duo can transform your API landscape.


Rémi Sultan

Senior Software Engineer @Gravitee

Rémi is from Northern France and he has been passionate about software for as long as he can remember, with a preference in building intelligent software from recommender systems to classification models and more recently language models, and this is what is doing at Gravitee.io!

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Tuesday Apr 9 / 03:55PM BST ( 50 minutes )


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