How ING Accelerated Kubernetes Deployments Across 500+ Applications: Challenges & Lessons Learned


Creating Kubernetes deployment configurations is easy, but what happens if you let hundreds of teams manage their own configurations. If you want the whole company to implement a new network policy, suddenly this is work for all those teams. At ING we developed a tool to manage the Kubernetes deployments, we standardized building deploying and testing Kubernetes workloads and deployments. This also enabled us to bring resilience best practices like setting probes & replicas to all teams almost instantly. This talk takes you through our journey of moving from DevOps teams having full autonomous Kubernetes deployments to a more centrally managed approach in the company. We will discuss the technical and organizational challenges that we faced creating the tool as well as the opportunities that it brought us in ING.


Wouter Ligtenberg

Sr. Engineering Manager @ING Hubs Romania

Wouter is particularly passionate about CICD and everything that involves automation in the tech industry. In the past years he worked in different countries on projects that involve automating Kubernetes workloads while at the same time speeding up and standardizing the landscape in ING. In his free time you can occasionally find him on a splitboard touring the Romanian mountains

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Tuesday Mar 28 / 01:40PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Westminster (4th Fl.)


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