Speaker: Andrew S. Fitz Gibbon

He / him / his

Software Engineer @Temporal

Fitz has been helping people learn and use complex
technologies for nearly two decades. Fitz's career has traveled across
the entire software development stack, from maintaining
high-availability compute resources to writing high performance
scientific applications on supercomputers; or from managing deployment
pipelines to writing microservices to building frontend user
interfaces. An axiom that Fitz brings to all of it? No technology is
too complex for people to learn. On the side, Fitz is a university
lecturer and lover of both dogs AND cats.


Building Reliable Backends with Temporal

"Dressed to the nines" could mean looking nice, or it could
mean adding as many 9s to your service's uptime as possible. In that
quest to dress up your service, the added components – message queues,
pollers, intermediate persistence layers – wildly complicate things.

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Wednesday Mar 29 / 02:55PM BST ( 50 minutes )