Speaker: Kent C. Dodds

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Software Engineer and Educator, Creator of EpicWeb.dev, EpicReact.Dev, and TestingJavaScript.com

Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he's actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. He is the creator of EpicWeb.dev, EpicReact.Dev, and TestingJavaScript.com. He's an instructor on egghead.io and Frontend Masters. Kent is married and the father of four kids.

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The Web's Next Transition

The web. What started as a document sharing platform has evolved into an application platform. The web has been through a number of transformations over the years. From static HTML files to dynamic server-generated HTML responses.

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Tuesday Mar 28 / 10:35AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Whittle (3rd Fl.)


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