Modern Frontend Development and Architecture

Users spend most of their time interacting with the front-end, and it is through the front-end that an application shapes the user's perception. Investing in a modern front-end has never been more important than before, both for users and from a developer experience approach.

Front-end innovations also affected the overall architecture of our applications. We brought the microservices concept to the front end through micro-frontends, and we started adopting the monorepo strategy to help us handle complex architectures with multiple projects. We're reviewing, once again, the server-side rendering concept, and, of course, we cannot forget about multi-platform development.

In this track, we will explore some of these topics and what's next for the front-end modern development world.

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From Monorepo Mess to Monorepo Bliss: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Monorepos have been around for a while but only recently gained popularity in the frontend community. Many developers are being confronted with them now and end up overwhelmed by the terminology and tooling. What are monorepos? Is it just about code colocation?

Juri Strumpflohner

Sr. Director of Developer Experience @Nx


Living on the Edge: Boosting Your Site's Performance with Edge Computing

Edge computing is not a new concept, but in the past few years an increasing number of hosting providers have introduced the ability to run Javascript at the edge such as Edge Functions from Netlify and Vercel, and Workers from Cloudflare. 

Erica Pisani

Sr. Software Engineer @Netlify


Tuesday Mar 28 / 10:00AM PDT



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March 27 - 29, 2023


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Track Host

Loiane Groner

Development Manager @Citibank

Loiane Groner is a Development Manager at Citibank and has authored books for Packt Publishing. Google Developer Expert in Angular, Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, Oracle ACE, Java Champion, and speaker at tech conferences. In her spare time, she loves contributing to the community, and she publishes tech videos on Youtube and creates free programming courses at


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