Speaker: Natalia Venditto

She / her / hers

Principal Program Manager @Microsoft, Lead DX JavaScript, Node.js on Azure

Natalia has worked in the roles of frontend developer, full-stack developer, technical lead, software and solutions architect. Now she leads the end-to-end developer experience for JavaScript and Node.js, on Azure. Natalia is also part of the Google Developer Experts for Angular and Web Technologies, and Google Mentors programs, and an MVP award for Developer Technologies.


Beyond Micro Frontends: Effective Composable Decoupled Applications on Cloud Native Infrastructure

The frontend ecosystem is regarded by other technologists as a world full of hype, new patterns, frameworks and ephemeral approaches.

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Tuesday Mar 28 / 05:25PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Whittle (3rd Fl.)


microfrontend cloud native