Performance Engineering Unleashed: Powering Efficiency and Innovation

Understanding performance engineering can be an amazing power, you can use it to cut costs or enable new features without making systems too expensive or unresponsive, and to enable fast responsive interfaces that customers love. This track explores all of these directions in a practical way that will give you ideas to take home and use, and covers practical and cutting edge techniques.

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Session performance

A Walk Along the Complexity-Performance Curve

Monday Apr 8 / 10:35AM BST

Software performance and complexity are related. It’s common for refactoring to introduce unanticipated regressions, and for performance optimisations to attract scrutiny in code review; how much performance improvement is worth a perceived loss of readability?

Speaker image - Richard Startin
Richard Startin

Senior Software Engineer @Datadog

Session Linux kernel

Opening the Box: Diagnosing Operating-System Task-Scheduler Behavior on Highly Multicore Machines

Monday Apr 8 / 11:45AM BST

An operating system task scheduler is responsible for placing tasks on cores and for selecting which task is allowed to run, at what time. As such, the scheduler is a critical component of any operating system and has a major impact on application performance.

Speaker image - Julia Lawall
Julia Lawall

Senior Scientist @INRIA


Conquering Bottlenecks and Optimizing for Efficiency

Monday Apr 8 / 01:35PM BST

Details coming soon.

Speaker image - Maksim Panchenko
Maksim Panchenko

Software Engineer @Meta


Unconference: Performance Engineering Unleashed

Monday Apr 8 / 02:45PM BST


Practical Benchmarking: How To Detect Performance Changes in Noisy Results

Monday Apr 8 / 03:55PM BST

Finding statistically significant changes in performance results has always been challenging but now that most of our code runs on hardware and infrastructure we don't own, we need methods and tools for detecting performance changes in noisy data.

Speaker image - Matt Fleming
Matt Fleming

CTO @Nyrkiö, Former Linux Kernel Maintainer @Intel and @SUSE


The Future is Fast: Embracing Performance Engineering for a Frictionless Tomorrow

Monday Apr 8 / 05:05PM BST

Details coming soon.


Monday Apr 8 / 10:35AM BST


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Track Host

Thomas Dullien

Distinguished Software Engineer @Elastic

Thomas started his career in the field of computer security under the pseudonym "Halvar Flake", and spent ~20 years in that field. Starting from low-level reverse engineering, he moved toward tooling for malware and vulnerability analysis, started a company that did large-scale malware disassembly and correlation, sold the company to Google, spent 7 years at Google. There, he spent time integrating & scaling the technology and then returning to a research role where he encountered Rowhammer - the DRAM-reliability-issue that he helped turn into a security issue. He then switched fields to efficient computation and cloud economics, started a company that shipped the first multi-runtime, whole-system, whole-fleet in-production profiler, and then joined Elastic as part of getting acquired. His interests are the intersection of low-level machine understanding, the economical impact of efficient compute, and the ecological benefits of greater efficiency.

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