Socially Conscious Software

As technology advances, one of the burning questions on everyone’s mind is how do we ensure it does so sustainably and ethically?

This timely track deep dives into technologies and technology companies that focus on social impact, by building products, using tools and creating a future that we all believe in. It explores how to foster a socially inclusive, ethical, diverse and equitable tech industry that strives to actively strip itself of bias and prejudice.

Ultimately, it explores how we can improve both socially and environmentally through the use of technology, to create a better tomorrow, today.

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Tech's Carbon Footprint: Understanding and Tackling the Impact of Tech on the Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is upon us. The cloud has a bigger carbon footprint than the aviation industry, and this is forecast to grow rapidly over the coming years. How do we as engineers react to this challenge, and drive the companies where we work to help reduce their carbon footprint?

Paul Lawson

Principal Architect @gosupercritical


Socially responsible companies - do we all have to change the world?

This session will look at socially responsible software from the lens of people in need. Can traditional for-profit businesses create social impact? The formula to build the right foundations of (impactful) social responsibility.


Tuesday Mar 28 / 10:00AM PDT



QCon London 2023
March 27 - 29, 2023


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Track Host

Sally Goble

Senior Engineering Manager @Accurx

Sally has been working in software development for more than ten years. She is currently a senior engineering manager at Accurx, a health tech startup based in London, helping solve many of the problems that occur when scaling an organisation. Before that she worked at a diverse range of startups, scaleups and corporations - including Deliveroo and the Guardian. She is a regular speaker at conferences.

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