Presentation: Building Reliability In An Unreliable World



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GameSparks is a globally-distributed Backend-as-a-Service platform that serves tens of billions of API requests per month for hundreds of live games which have tens of millions of active users, hundreds of thousands of whom are concurrently connected at any one time. All of our players connect across the public internet – many from mobile devices – and all of our resources run in public clouds, so failure is all around us! Oh, and our customers can write custom server-side code and persist whatever data they wish in the platform. To ensure that we continue to provide a reliable and predictable service, we have designed the platform to be tolerant of many things; unreliable and slow internet connectivity, cloud resources that can fail without warning or suffer performance degradation, poorly-performing or resource-heavy customer code in a multi-tenant environment.

Speaker: Greg Murphy

Chief Architect, Infrastructure & Operations @GameSparks

Greg is COO at GameSparks, where he has spent the last three years building a SaaS platform that serves tens of billions of requests per month from tens of millions of gamers worldwide. Previously, he worked for BJSS, ioko, GE Capital and BT Retail, where he helped design and build high-concurrency online platforms like Sky Go, 4oD and Disney MyMagic+.

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