Presentation: Evolving the Engineering Culture @Criteo



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Criteo, a leader in the fiercely competitive Adtech sector, started in France and now has several hundred engineers distributed across four locations. Thanks to our strong engineering culture fostered by our founders, R&D driven innovation is at the heart of Criteo’s growth. Criteo’s engineering leaders went one step further and created a framework to continually evolve the culture to meet the needs of our growing team. We'll share our definition of engineering culture, describe its key elements, and elaborate on how it evolved over time.

Speaker: Manu Cupcic

Senior Staff Development Lead @Criteo

Manu is passionate about writing code that scales, which is as much about keeping a consistent codebase and a great development process as it is about distributed systems. He is currently the dev lead of the Criteo Predictive Search Bidding team, optimizing Google adwords campaigns through machine learning. Before that he lead a revamp of the development process at Criteo, worked on an image recognition engine in small startup, and on a mobile backend at Google in London.

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