Presentation: Dev to Prod in 5 minutes: Is Your Company Ready?



5:25pm - 6:15pm

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Key Takeaways

  • Hear first-hand practical advice adopting containers and the changes required.
  • Understand the needed technical and cultural changes needed to move at the pace containers can offer.
  • Learn techniques for improving your CI/CD pipeline.


Containers can help you reduce the time to market significantly, specially when the whole process for creating and deploying them has been automated and reduced «from commit to production in 5 minutes» but, is your company and its technical and cultural infrastructures ready for such a pace? Containerizing your applications allows you to improve your time to market significantly. But is your company is actually ready for such a speed? Have you thought of the cultural changes that such a technology demands? Is your process flexible and fast enough to keep pace? how is your inter-team communication and collaboration? What is the level of trust that you have in your team? These questions were asked and answered on one of our projects as we moved towards rock-solid software delivery pipeline. I will share the story with you.


QCon: What's the backstory of this talk?
This is a talk where I explain the experience we had with one of our customers and the challenges we helped them overcome when introducing CICD pipelines throughout their whole company, from the technical perspective to the cultural changes, so the target audience is both technical people and higher level, decision makers kind of crowd.

Speaker: Carlos Leon

Software Engineer @containersoluti (Container Solutions)

Carlos is a software engineer at Containers Solutions, where he helps customers in their transitions to the cloud and all things related to programmable infrastructure. Prior to that he's worked in CI/CD and as a Ruby on Rails Developer. He is passionate about continuous learning, clean code, and hang gliding.

Find Carlos Leon at

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