Speaker: Doug Talbot

Head of Organisational Effectiveness @Ocado
Doug Talbot is currently the Head of Organisational Effectiveness for Ocado Technology. He leads a team whose mandate is to catalyse improvements in anything that might assist “creating great teams made of great people that create great products to change the way the world shops”. This often means using a systems thinking lens to create change in culture, building the right thing and building it right. The team is distributed across development centres in four countries. The team thinks both locally and centrally stealing ideas from many disciplines (lean, agile, data, psychology, hr, training, networks … ). Doug acts as a central thinker, and direction setter for this team of Catalysts. Doug has been transforming organisational culture, structure and technology for over a decade. He believes in creative and innovative change through empowering learning culture and lean thinking. He has led and transformed groups within science, government, banking and retail. Doug has previously spoken at conferences on lean culture, organisational transformation, measuring the right thing, trust building for great teams, core agile and agile testing.

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Talk: The Holistic Detective Hunt For Great Tech Culture

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