Presentation: Mini Workshop: Hands-on Deep Learning



11:50am - 12:40pm

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In this interactive workshop, Micha Gorelick will lead you through modification an existing deep learning product implemented in Keras. If you plan to run the code, please come with a well-charged laptop battery! And if you get the chance, please also download the python packages and data we'll be working with using the following three commands:

Speaker: Micha Gorelick

Research Engineer @FastForwardLabs, Keras Contributor

Research engineer at Fast Forward Labs, Keras contributor. Previously at

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Speaker: Mike Lee Williams

Director of Research @FastForwardLabs

Mike Lee Williams is Director of Research at Fast Forward Labs, an applied machine intelligence lab in New York City. He builds prototypes that bring the latest ideas in machine learning and AI to life, and works with Fast Forward Labs's clients to help them understand how to make use of these new technologies. He has a PhD in astrophysics from Oxford.

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